What are the benefits of smoking pipe tobacco?

We all are aware of that how much cigarette can be harmful to your health. It has almost 33 cancers causing chemicals. And, Unlike Cigarette, pipe smoking is a better alternative. They are low in nicotine. So, relatively if is safer than cigarette but, not complete harmless.

Smoking Pipe tobacco has little to no benefit to our body except the short term psychological feel good or relaxing effect. In villages people are smoking pipes for ages, and now it has become a get together for all kinds of people, who come and discuss various problems they are facing in their village or day to day life.

According to various Surgeon generals, people who smoke pipes have the same life expectancy as people who don’t smoke. Given the condition, the person doesn't smoke more than a bowl or two a day.

Even though the smoke comes from tobacco, you don’t have to inhale the smoke like in with the case with cigarettes or cigars. That’s why you will be at far lesser risk from mouth cancer or mouth burns.

Smoking pipes also comes in various flavors. You’ll feel sense of the part of the group or enjoyment whenever you socialize with pipe smokers.

However, pipe smoking has no good health benefits to our body. You can enjoy occasionally with your group of friends, but don’t over do it. As anything can be harmful to our body, if it's done more than required or in excess.




Unique designs hand carved and crafted from exotic hard Woods. To buy cool smoking pipes, visit: smokeapuff.com

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Smoke Apuff

Smoke Apuff

Unique designs hand carved and crafted from exotic hard Woods. To buy cool smoking pipes, visit: smokeapuff.com

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